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Format: Scramble/Best Ball. If you don’t know what it is, Google it. We don’t have time for your ignorance.

Attire: Teams that dress in themed costumes will receive 5 strokes off their final score. If every player on the team DOESN'T come in costume, we add 72 strokes to your final score.

Want to come dressed as The Avengers? Do it. Want to wear Redneck attire? Do it. The more ridiculous, the better. The bar is very high and very stupid.

Donations: Each team that brings 20 household items to donate to The BAMC Fisher House will receive 5 strokes off their final score. We will provide you a list of requested items prior to the tournament date.


  • Loud music and talking in backswing encouraged.

  • No complaining. Anyone with less than two majors sucks at golf. Just own it and have fun.

  • Don’t be a jerk.

  • Be a big boy/girl and drink responsibly and respect our host’s property. You can do anything else irresponsibly.

  • Trash talk and wagers between teams is highly encouraged.

  • If you’re a golf snob or lack the ability to have fun, stay home and send someone we’d actually like in your place.

If you die on the golf course, we’re still posting all the pics online. Don’t let your last picture on this Earth be something your kids have to explain for the rest of their lives.

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